Lea Kwon
/Li-a  g-w-uh-n/

An Interactive Designer from Seoul, Korea.
Studied Digital Design at Vancouver Film School.


Shopping App 'SAGE'

UX/UI  | School Project  |  2021.06

This shopping app project was created at the Advanced Information Architecture class, VFS. Design information architecture for a mobile shopping app to consider two types of users


Washroom Detector 'On The Go'

UX/UI  | Graduation Project  |  2021.07~11

My graduation project, ‘On The Go,’ enhances drivers' working experience while increasing awareness regarding washroom needs



UX/UI  | School Project  |  2021.04

This project was created for UX design class at VFS. 'Wordbalance' is an extension function for a chatting platform. It consists of task-oriented and emotional-oriented conversation and supports better communication

Woorim Branding & UI Project

Branding, UI | Client Project  |  2020.10

The company looked forward to rebranding its business identity.  I joined their tech team for creating a government-led project which is an agriculture products auction platform as an outsourcing designer


Hanscoaching Rebranding

Branding, UX/UI | Client Project | 2020.06

Hanscoaching is a company that provides executive coaching, leadership coaching program, and related services. 

We redesign our logo and website to develop a brand identity 


4 Optimizing

UX/UI  | Client Project  |  2021.06

This project was created for real clients, '4 optimizing'.
We designed a branding, UX/UI Website, motion piece in order to create a brand identity and public awareness