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This website is a volunteer project and was created for the community 'Canadian Cybersecurity Network (CCN)'.

CCN is the largest cybersecurity community in Canada. The community started off with LinkedIn Group in 2019 and extend to the bigger community that has 10,890 members in 2022. Since the community is getting bigger, they decided to create a web platform and I joined them as a UI/UX designer. 

Task: Branding, Web UI/UX (*Platform: HUG community) 

Canadian Cybersecurity Network

Branding, Web UI/UX | Volunteer Project | 2022.02~Present

Tool used

Using a Higher Logic platform, which is made for communities. The platform has many functions specialized for community purposes, such as thread, forum, library, etc. But also many constraints that limit customized design. 

Using low-fidelity wireframes and setting desirable designs with team members. Then examined the constraints of the web and functions, conducted a prototype, and implemented it on the website using HTML, CSS, Javascript library. 

Considering two types of users, who are community members and non-members, created two different main page for each but cohesive design. Working close to team, community owner, project manager in order to understand user's motivation, desire. 

Competitive Analysis
Prototype (Clickable)

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