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This shopping app UI design is made for the Advanced Information Architecture class at VFS.

The home decor shopping app 'Sage' is created to help users to find environment-friendly house decor items.


Mission: Consider two types of users who are new and experienced users, design information architecture

Features: Home Screen, Item List Screen, Item Detailed Screen, Transaction & Shipping Screen

Shopping App 'SAGE'

UX/UI | School Project | 2021.06 (2 weeks)


Creating different experiences for both types of users was quite a challenge. Our users have different levels of experience and purpose. Understanding the new user and an experienced user's motivation was the key solution for this assignment. We also found patterns that users have difficulty finding some products in the category with tree user testing.

Tool used
User testing

The first version of architecture information was grouped by types of room, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen.

In the first testing, the users were confused to find items. because some items can be placed in different areas, different use.

Based on the test result, the architecture tree was created to focus on products' functions, such as houseware, home fragrance, plants.


Considering user's experience, when new users want to buy some product, they want to get some information before buying it. They could have specific needs and budgets.


As a solution, the right bottom button on the main page shows a search bar and it has keywords which are 'Item,' 'Color,' 'Price' to search the wanted item quickly and conveniently.


Experienced users also want to know product information but in a more efficient way. Another button leads to the log-in page, which includes the email login field, after they log in, the app gives recommendations based on their purchasing history.

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