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WOORIM INFOTECH is a technology company that focused on Electrical engineering / IT methods for management. The company looked forward to rebranding its business identity and completing the auction platform project. My main duty was Logo rebranding, Business card design, UI design for the platform.

Woorim Infotech

Branding, UI Design | Client Project | 2020.10 (1 month)


The previous logo design was good but the design was out of date and didn't imply the technology aspect enough. We decided to redesign the logo that includes company values and developed color.

Tool used
Logo draft
Select design
UI Design

I joined Woorim tech team as an outsourcing designer for creating a government-led project which is an agriculture products auction platform. Considering the platform concept, I selected two main colors which are green and blue. We ended up choosing a blue color and yellow as an accent color. It is less colorful but simpler which is better for our target audience group (age 40~50', farmer & contributor) 

Draft design

This is the main page of the auction platform. Using blue and green colors, I wanted to imply agriculture context. However, the color was conflict and was distracting other important information. We ended up changing the color combination to blue and yellow.

Final design

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